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Recall Notification

Recalls are a part of doing business. A very serious part.

When the public’s health is at risk, you can count on Sysco to react quickly and accurately. In the event of a recall, Sysco uses the industry’s most sophisticated and accurate notification system to communicate recall notices and safety concerns immediately.

Sysco Quality Assurance has developed strict guidelines to facilitate communication between Sysco companies, the recalling supplier and the potential customers involved. This plan minimizes disruption and clearly describes what to do in a recall situation.

If a recalling supplier fails to act in a manner appropriate to the situation, Sysco Quality Assurance professionals are empowered to immediately recommend that products be held from further distribution.

Recall Resources: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
The FDA provides information gathered from press releases and other public notices about certain recalls of FDA-regulated products that may present a significant/serious risk. Though extensive, not all recalls have press releases or are posted by the FDA. To find out more, click here.

Some product recalls merit expanded coverage due to the impact they have on public health. When major recalls such as this occur, the FDA creates special web pages and other resources to quickly identify harmful products and disseminate helpful information. For examples of past recalls and notifications, please click here.

Recall Resources: offers a mobile-optimized platform that immediately distributes the latest, up-to-the-moment information on recalls and food safety alerts. To download the application and start receiving alerts via mobile device, go to today.

Recall Resources: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
The USDA provides regular updates and information about recalls and public health alerts involving meat, poultry or processed egg products. Find out more at

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